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Corey, Miss Foodie Problems here. You’re probably wondering what foodie problems are. Let’s take it back to my first instagram endeavor, Miss Fashionista Problems. The meaning of it stemmed from the idea of having a closet full of clothes and accessories, but “nothing to wear”.
Miss Foodie Problems came about in early 2015, when I noticed an abundance of food photos being posted onto instagram. At that time I was just as “lost” as any other millennial, determined to follow their passion and seek pure happiness. I’ve loved food since I can remember. My mom cooked homemade meals often, always bringing people together for holidays around the dining room table filled with dishes she put all of her love into. My dad packed me a handmade lunch throughout my school years which consisted of some sort of  sandwich, a sweet (usually cookies), a savory (usually chips) and some kind of fruit --

but he never forgot the handwritten note each and every time. Since those days, my love for food has only grown -- trying out new restaurants in LA, bookmarking places I want to eat while traveling, and thinking about my next meal (during the current meal). I thought, why not start one of these food instagrams? I separated the Foodie Problems from the Fashionista Problems. The definition of Foodie Problems? Always thinking about your next meal, the debate of where to go with so many restaurants opening and closing, not having multiple stomachs (except for that separate stomach solely for dessert). Now I’m here eating at new restaurants weekly, attending events I didn’t know existed, meeting like-minded people, and seeking to inspire others to pursue that which truly makes them happy.

I'll be bold as well as strong &
I'll use my head alongside my heart.
-- Mumford & Sons

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Born and raised in Los Angeles, I love to have a home base in such a food-focused city. Whether I am traveling out of the country, around the US, or exploring the culturally diverse expanse of LA I feel at home while meeting new people, eating new foods, and expanding my outlook!