March 1, 2019

How to see this year’s Super Bloom!

I was out to dinner with one of my best friend’s last night when she (jokingly) suggested we go to the Super Bloom, then showed me a photo of this gorgeous location. I immediately started weighing whether it was plausible! I’m at LAX right now all checked in for a 7-week stint in Italy. It was a tad bit crazy to head on an adventure this morning, but those are the adventures that usually make me most happy. I decided we should do it — I woke up before the sun, 4:30 AM to be exact, picked up Ilana and off we headed about an hour southeast of LA.

As we approached our exit the sun was inching its way closer to the top of the mountains. I began to see vibrant orange patches on the hills! I can’t even express my excitement — I may have even started to tear up because I didn’t know if I’d get a chance to see this year’s Super Bloom in person. Antelope Valley (details on that location below) isn’t quite ready and my Italian adventure is about to begin. The fact that everything fell into place perfectly in order for me to see it made my soul happy. Additionally, to be able to experience it with someone who understands what it means to me and was just as in awe of the gorgeousness was so magical.

Okay, I KNOW, you want to know where we went! Sadly this location has been shut down because of the ridiculous irresponsible antics of numerous people who visited. I think it is so sad that some people couldn’t follow simple respectful rules so that this place could be enjoyed by everyone.

Walker Canyon in Lake Elsinore, CA

Address: 27200 Lake St, Lake Elsinore, CA 92530

Parking Fees: None, but I imagine the parking fills up on weekends very quickly. When you exit Lake St. turn left and you will run into the “Poppy Parking” sign and the parking will be along the street to the right.

I definitely preferred this location over the one below! It is more hilly, wild and colorful — spotted with vibrant orange poppies and other purple and yellow wildflowers! It is a very short hike up the hill to the first sight of a ton of poppies, but there is so much to see as you walk further up the hill!

The above was updated on March 20th 2019.

In April of 2017 I first heard the term Super Bloom. At the time I was still working a full time corporate job, but I was determined to check out this gorgeous phenomenon. I found a friend (Danielle of Follow My Gut) who was down to go early in the morning on a weekend, threw on my favorite dress and bold lipstick and headed out for our adventure.

What is a Super Bloom and what determines whether there will be one each year?

In a recent article about this phenomenon National Geographic explains,

“A super bloom is a colloquial term used to define an explosion of wildflowers that exceeds typical spring blooms.”

“An uncharacteristically rainy fall and winter season effectively ended California’s longstanding drought.”

The Super Bloom can be experienced in many areas in California. Currently the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park and Coachella Valley Preserve are beginning to explode with various wildflowers.

Here is a helpful website one of my friends shared with me that posts weekly status updates about all of the possible Super Bloom locations!

I have a deep love for wildflowers, but one of them is a standout for me — the California Poppy. It’s always been my favorite, probably because it was my dad’s favorite flower. He was a huge wildlife lover and lover of the state of California in general. I even got a tattoo last year that includes a California Poppy in it.

I caught 2017’s Super Bloom at the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve. It’s about an hour and a half to 2 hour drive from Los Angeles depending on traffic and where exactly you’re coming from. The Super Bloom hasn’t started yet there as of today, but it should very soon! Check out how you can get status updates below!

Address: 15101 Lancaster Rd, Lancaster, CA 93536

Hours: Daily Sunrise to Sunset — I would highly recommend going on a weekday if you can or super early on a weekend morning. This place gets CROWDED! Thankfully it’s a pretty big preserve.

Parking Fees: Yes, I recommend bringing cash!

Status updates: call Poppy Reserve Wildflower Hotline (661-724-1180) or check this website.

Note: Be sure to read about the regulations on the website. For example: don’t trample or pick the wildflowers! Admire them from a good distance!

Also, watch out for rattlesnakes on warm days!

What to Bring!

camera and or cameraphone

a friend or tripod 😉



cash for parking

snacks and water (we spent a good couple hours at the park)

a contrasting outfit


Happy Super Blooming! I am hoping to catch a glimpse next week before I head out of the country for 2 months!

Corey, Miss Foodie Problems


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