February 3, 2017

Easy Game Day Dishes with Ridges popchips

It’s almost time for the Big Game! Since football is one of the things I’m least interested in, EVER, I naturally only attend game day festivities for the food and the social aspect! Come on, admit it, you do too. 😉

These recipes are just about as quick and easy as it gets, absolutely delicious and perfect for groups! For the recipes, I partnered with popchips to showcase their new line of Ridges chips. First off, I have to express my addiction to nachos. Basically lay down a vehicle (the chips) then throw on whatever toppings you choose. How could you even go wrong? I mean, come on, dessert nachos even exist! But back to the savory version. The Ridges popchips are the ideal chip for nachos, because they’re sturdy, crunchy and all the goodness of your toppings gets into those nooks and crannies. Yes I said nooks and crannies. I may or may not be an old woman in a 28 (almost 29) year old’s body. Enough chit chat! Onto these delicious recipes. I suggest prepping the ingredients the night before and bringing them all to the party location and baking the dishes there! Hey, there may even be a little reward at the bottom of this post, if you get through the whole thing.


Cheddar & Sour Cream Nachos

First up, “Traditional” nachos atop the Cheddar & Sour Cream Ridges popchips. Literally my favorite flavor of chips is Cheddar & Sour Cream, so when I found out there is a version that is just as delicious with half the fat, no artificial flavors or preservatives, gluten free, never fried or baked (but popped) — you can imagine my excitement! So basically I don’t have to feel guilty about eating the whole dish of nachos now, right? 😉


  • 2 bags Cheddar & Sour Cream Ridges popchips (I ended up using 1 bag of Cheddar & Sour Cream and 1 bag of Perfectly Salted)
  • 1 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese (more if you’re really cheesy or less if you’re really crazy)
  • about 1/2 can (7.5 ounces) of black beans or other beans of your choice
  • about 1 cup diced tomatoes
  • 3 jalapeños sliced (remove seeds if you can’t take the heat)
  • as much avocado as you want (sliced)
  • lime (wedged)
  • sour cream



  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
  2. Layer popchips, cheese, beans, tomatoes, and jalapeños, then bake for about 17 minutes. If you’re feeling fancy, you can put a layer of popchips, then cheese, then more popchips and cheese. This will ensure that all the chips have even more cheesy goodness on them.
  3. Add avocado, lime, sour cream.
  4. Serve and Enjoy!


Chili Cheese “Fries”

Chili cheese fries are nostalgic for me. They take me back to high school when I could literally eat anything I wanted out of the cafeteria (and not gain weight) including the most delicious gooey chocolate chip cookies (still dreaming about them), croissant breakfast sandwiches and you guessed it, chili cheese fries. It’s one of the easiest combinations, atop the Chili Cheese Ridges popchips, so yes I give you permission to eat them all, but you should probably share because you’re supposed to be making these for a party…


  • 1 bag Chili Cheese Ridges popchips
  • 3/4 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese
  • about 1/2 can (7.5 ounces) chili of your choosing
  • sour cream



  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
  2. Layer popchips, chili, and cheese, then bake for about 12 minutes.
  3. Serve, top with sour cream (if you’d like) and Enjoy!



Hey you! Yeah you. Thanks for making it to the end, now you get rewarded! I’ve got a code for 20% off, good for online purchases of these delicious Ridges popchips. Shop here with code: BIGGAME20!

I hope you enjoy your Game Day meal as much as I know I will! Let me know if you try out either of these recipes or create your own version. Thanks so much to Single Edition Media on behalf of popchips for sponsoring this post!

Happy cooking and eating and pretending like you know what’s going on during the football game,

Corey, Miss Foodie Problems


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